About Us



Founded in 1986, KAHRAMAN GÜMÜŞ is one of the leading companies in the silver jewelery sector with its long history and has the privilege of offering the best quality product at the most affordable price. Our company is an organization that has managed to determine its experience and quality with its unique style in line with the satisfaction and demands of its customers. Our company produces its collections that are expanding day by day with stone-free, semi-precious stone, handcrafted and modern varieties that appeal to every taste, age and budget. Our company works with stocks in order to fully respond to the demands of its customers with every product it produces. It can respond to customer orders instantly and can be reached in full. In addition to its production and export-oriented work, our company also provides services to its customers with the products of the most respected and quality companies of the leading countries in the silver industry in the world.


Our company designs personal products by making design applications for the customer and continues these studies meticulously, considering the quality. Our company, which plans its production in its manufacturing plant in Istanbul, in a way to respond to its goals and purpose in response to future demands, aims to provide its customers with more affordable and quality service by using the latest technology in order to have the opportunity to have precise and fast production. Kahraman Gümüş produces and renews its designs by combining classical, modern fantasy and original handicraft by using 0.925 carat in the silver jewelry sector. Our company is at the service of its customers for wholesale sales with its honest, sincere, disciplined, smiling, forward-looking experienced staff in its 4-storey 120 m2 store, including 2 floors of showrooms. The elegant works we have done in Turkey and abroad so far are the reference of KAHRAMAN GÜMÜŞ. The main purpose of our website is to make you closer to us, to share innovations with easy and visual communication.

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